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Athens Travel Information

The capital of Greece is world famous for its ancient history, with everyone familiar with the sight of the 2,500 year old Acropolis perched above the city. Athens has much to offer the visitor, but takes a bit of effort to see through the hectic surface. Once you do this, Athens becomes a charming, vibrant city with attractions, including monuments, museums, galleries, festivals and famous sights, and plenty to entertain even the most inquisitive visitor.

With hot summers and mild winters, Athens makes for an ideal year-round destination. Accommodation ranges from luxury hotels to budget places, both in the city centre, and in the surrounding areas. Locals and visitors alike take advantage of the excellent restaurants, cafes, bars and entertainment available in and around the city centre.

The history of Athens stretches back over 5,000 years. Visit Plaka, the old town of Athens, situated to the north and east of the Acropolis, you’ll find plenty of ancient monuments, churches and other historic sites. Plaka is well worth exploring. Other popular historic attractions include the Agora – a grand, ruined Roman building, the Temple of Zeus – a 1,500 year old temple, Hadrian’s Arch – the city gate linking the original town and the Roman quarters, and the Dionysos Theatre – the oldest theatre in the world. As well as the sites and monuments, Athens is also home to world-class museums, exhibiting vast collections of historic Greek artifacts.

As the home of both the modern and ancient Olympics, Athens most recently hosted the games in 2004. This meant a huge investment, including a new airport, Olympic buildings and the planting of trees and shrubs throughout the city. Another recent addition was the Metro system, opened in 2000, which provides an efficient means of getting around the city. From the old port of Piraeus, you can catch ferries to all of the Greek islands. Close to the port, there are also a number of beaches for you to enjoy.

A fascinating blend of Middle Eastern and Western culture, Athens is a tremendous destination, with lots to offer the visitor.