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Thessaloniki - Halkidiki Travel Information

Over 300 superb beaches and coves. The clear warm waters of the Aegean Sea. Breathtaking scenery. Fascinating places to visit. This is Halkidiki, a holidaymaker’s paradise.

Kassandra, one of Halkidiki’s three peninsulas, is renowned for its beautiful beaches, often surrounded by thick pinewoods. Here you can visit the amazing cave complex near the village of Petralona, where corridors extend underground for over 1,900 metres. Gaze in awe at the incredible formations of the stalactites and stalagmites. Or head for the pretty fishing villages of Nea Skioni, Possidi and Siviri, famous for their seafood specialties served in traditional seaside tavernas along with the excellent locally produced wine.

Gentle valleys, deep gorges, and thickly wooded mountains are interspersed with bare precipitous rocks in Athos, the second peninsula. Ouranopolis, in the north, is the gateway to the Holy Mountain of Athos. Here you can relax in the peaceful tranquillity of the Eagles Palace Hotel or soak up the sun on the long sandy beach. Located within an independent Monastic State, Mount Athos is a community of monks who for more than a thousand years have lived the daily life and followed the religious practices of the Byzantines. All this takes place in a setting dating back to the 10th century.  Unfortunately, women are not permitted inside the monastery itself, but can still see the magnificent building from the tour boat.